2018 Calendar

2018 CALENDAR: Stack on your desk, hang on your fridge, or fold into your book. 

by nathania aritao


Here are a few ways you can enjoy your calendar:


You can stack the calendar, one piece on top of the other, keeping the current month visible. You can also slide the calendar pieces as you please, to reveal the parts of the calendar you like the best. If you’ve got a lot of space, you can also prop them up in a row, like little tents.

To keep your workspace clean, you can tuck the calendar away in a drawer or book when not in use.



Choose to hang one piece at a time or the whole set. With the help of magnets, you can use the same style of sliding the pieces to reveal your month of choice, while keeping the the black and white artwork visible.



The calendar can fit in a journal or book. It’s easy to travel with too. The pieces are blank on the inside and are happy to be scribbled on.


I’d love to see where your calendars go and how you use them! Tag me, @nathania.speaks or @tanyaaritao on IG or FB, or use the hashtag #tanyadraws.

About the Calendar

I’ve been wanting to design a calendar for a few years now, and I always start working on it too late. This past holiday, I finally got a bit of a head start and hoped to give these calendar as Christmas gifts. However, the holiday shenanigans got the best of me and I didn’t wrap up the calendar until after the new year. But, here it is, finally!

The calendar was originally meant to be hand-sewn, but when it came to assembly, the sewing was problematic and in the end took more away from the design than add to it. The prototypes felt complicated and precarious, without the original simplicity I had in mind.

After some not-so-great hand-sewn prototypes, I was playing around with the folded pieces and happily discovered that the folded calendar pieces stood well on their own, without the need of binding or clipping. From there, I discovered more creative ways to enjoy the calendar, as shared in the photos above.

Friends have asked about the calendar, so I have now made it available for purchase. Please email knockknock@nathaniaaritao.com for orders/reservations. Happily shipping to international addresses (additional shipping charges apply).


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