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How to download the devotional:

Step 1: Click on the button above that says ‘click to download…’

Step 2: A new window or tab will open in your browser where you will see something like this:

Step 3: Click on the icon in the corner to save the file to your device. Or right click anywhere in the file and click ‘SAVE AS’

This is what the download icon looks like up close:

This is what it will look like if you right click to save as:

And then you should have the option to choose the folder where you want the file to save, or it may automatically show up in your downloads folder.

Enjoy! The devotional is yours!

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“Love is the overflow of joy in God that meets the needs of others. The overflow is experienced consciously as the pursuit of our joy in the joy of another. We double our delight in God as we expand it in the lives of others.” 

– John Piper

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