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Live and lead beyond expectations

Nathania Aritao (Tanya)

“Strength is for service, not status.” Romans 15:1-2

Oxford MBA
RSA Fellow
Davis UWC Scholar

Coaching, facilitation, and program design: to help you thrive in every season
Supporting migrant workers to live at their best!

Social Impact through Business
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Through people-centered programs, I help lift up leaders, communities, and organizations, so they can live and lead beyond their expectations.

Leaders and organizations all reach a point where they feel stuck, run out of steam, or need a guiding presence through a time of opportunity or change. I understand how challenging it can be to reach this point in the journey. 

For over thirteen years now, I have served vulnerable communities and mission-driven organizations during these key moments of development or opportunity. I have worked on programs for capacity building, leadership training, strategy, operations, community engagement and program delivery. I have also worked on innovative interventions for children at risk, sustainable livelihood for survivors of sex trafficking, efforts to fight the online sexual exploitation of children, and programs for financial inclusion.

I have a lifelong commitment to social impact and believe that business and entrepreneurship have powerful roles to play in the pursuit of social justice.

I bring to every opportunity and challenge my interdisciplinary way of thinking, working, and solving problems – as an artist, facilitator, and innovator. In addition, I draw from the disciplines of systems thinking, human-centered design, and participatory development. 

Book a call with me, if you are looking for a creative leader & guide, to help you or your organization get unstuck, regain your flow of energy, and navigate a time of change with clarity.

Live and lead beyond your expectations. 

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Current Work

Coaching, facilitation, and program design: to help you thrive in every season
Supporting migrant workers to live at their best!
The Paper Project is a socially responsible business that provides sustainable livelihood for women survivors of human trafficking, prostitution, abuse and other challenging backgrounds.

Recent Highlights

A View from the Class, Oxford MBA Capstone Ceremony
Sheldonian Theatre, The University of Oxford, 2019

Panel Participation

Migrant Workers & Financial Inclusion: The Unseen Challenges of Migrant Workers, The Founder’s Studio by ASAP, supported by the Aspect Social Sciences Network, 2021

Explore the unseen challenges of temporary migrant workers: from remittances to campaigning for foundational rights, from rebuilding confidence to building a future beyond temporary migrant work. 

Hear perspectives from the fields of social entrepreneurship, grassroots community organizing, and international development. The panel will draw from their work with migrant communities, to discuss key issues, unseen realities, and lessons from the pandemic.

How Talking About Diversity is Making Entrepreneurship More Inclusive, Enterprising Oxford, 2021

Listen now to Tanya’s contribution to the panel discussion on diversity and entrepreneurship:

Listen now:
On 22nd June 2021, IDEA hosted a panel dedicated to ‘How Talking About Diversity is Making Entrepreneurship More Inclusive’ with speakers from the Oxfordshire entrepreneurial community: Dr Mira KassoufNathania (Tanya) Aritao, and Nicole Beach. This panel drew upon their own professional experiences to highlight different career paths for women leaders and discuss key principles for thinking about how women entrepreneurs can champion diversity and inclusion while using their talents for successful entrepreneurship. Each speaker discussed how ED&I, as a strategic priority which aims for sustainable and positive change, requires a mindset that celebrates the uniqueness of individual life-stories.

Map the System – Oxford Global Final, 2021

Map the System is a global competition of the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, delivered in partnership with educational institutions around the world. The competition challenges participants to use systems thinking as a guiding approach to understanding some of the most complex issues the world faces today. 

Judge’s profile here

Watch a clip now of Tanya from the Map the System Global Final, speaking to the finalists and community about learning, and continuously confronting and challenging our own biases as we work towards positive systems change:

Map the System 2021 Oxford Global Final

Migrant Forum Asia: Global Compact for Migration, Promote faster, safer and cheaper transfer of remittances and foster financial inclusion of migrants, 2021

Watch a clip now of Tanya’s contribution to the panel discussion on financial inclusion for migrants:

Prize-Winning Systems Mapping Research: Watch Tanya’s presentation from the Oxford Map the System Semi-Final 2020. This work won 2nd place and shaped the work of TAYO with Filipino migrant domestic workers in the UK and around the world.

Click here if the above video does not play correctly

Panel Moderation

In conversation with Paul Polman, Oxford MBA Launch 2019

Facilitation of Courses and Workshops

Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, University of Oxford, Impact Lab Mentorship Programme 2021

London School of Economics, LSE Generate, Creative Release Workshop

Atlas & Axis, Thriving in Transition, coaching course

United World College Costa Rica, Systems Thinking for Social Change

Featured Articles

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