With Palms Open: A Holy Week Devotional

I’m very excited to share a project that I have poured into this past week. As a movement and visual artist, I have always hoped to help people introduce a bit of movement into their worship experience. This devotional explores different postures of worship – suggestions for how we can approach our quiet time from the invitation of Palm Sunday to the celebration of Easter Sunday. More links and information below.

As we approach this year’s Holy Week, the world is in a very different place than any of us might have imagined it would be. Around the world, due to the pandemic, we are confined to our homes; and perhaps beginning to struggle to make sense between the days and the weeks, between the new normal and the old reality, between the news cycle and the hopes in our hearts. We may have even forgotten that Easter is just around the corner. 

This eight-day devotional has been designed to help us carve out the time to honor and remember Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, especially as we face all the realities of the present. Many of us may need a stronger nudge to approach the Holy Throne with grace and honesty.

I have always loved celebrating Easter and observing the church’s traditions leading up to the resurrection celebration. I love waving palms on Palm Sunday and sitting down for a simple meal and a foot-washing ceremony on Maundy Thursday. I would soak in the darkness of the Good Friday service and the color of the Easter sunrise. I love how all these traditions prepare my heart for remembering.

This year, all the gatherings will look different, and all the traditions redesigned. But the encouragement is this: despite all that is changing in the world we live in, Jesus remains unchanged and faithful to His Word. His story of redemption stands true and unaltered. And in a time when the world aches for truth and hope, we have a Light that guides our way, and a Light that we can share with others.  

A New Series in Oil: Embrace

Last week I began a new painting series on embraces and hugs. I’ve always loved this drawing of mine from a few years ago of two people in an embrace. In November last year, on a brief trip to Sweden, I attended a graffiti workshop and was inspired to see the embrace in spray paint on a wall.

Here I am in the studio sketching ideas for the graffiti:

Photo taken by graffiti instructor, Nabil.

Which later turned into this experimental spray paint piece:

Photo taken by graffiti instructor, Nabil.

The embracing figures have been on mind and I have recently started a new series of paintings in oil on canvas. I’ve painted out the first layer of the first five pieces, and it’s struck me how emotive the figures can be. A simple shift in the tilt of a figure’s head or a replacement of a hand upon a shoulder – these small pieces have a large impact on the story the painting tells.

Paintings in progress by Nathania Aritao. Paintings titled: Embrace 1 and Embrace 3.

April Workshop: Paint for Megumi

 Join my upcoming fundraiser workshop and paint for a cause!

paint for megumi - sq
a creative fundraiser & art workshop by Art in the Neighborhood
in collaboration with the Megumi Mission Team

9:00 AM – 12:00 NN, April 30, 2016 at the Union Church of Manila

Join us as we paint scenes from Japan and learn about the Megumi Mission Team’s heart for ministry and service.

Registration fee P1450 for your own canvas, unlimited paint and three hours of guided paint time.

Proceeds of the workshop go to the Megumi Mission Team’s upcoming trip in June.

Register via 09164948413 before April 28.

Participants are invited to join the Pray for the Nations Lunch & Fellowship immediately following the workshop at noon. Lunch will be available for P150.

For more on the cause: visit their page or email megumi.is.grace@gmail.com.


February 2016: Events & Workshops


Sundays in February : 3//8 Print Series 

launch: February 7, Sunday, 5pm.
at Local Edition Coffee & Tea, Perea Street, Makati.

The Paper Project Inc. and the cafe Local Edition are teaming up with three artists for a series of artists postcards. Every few weeks a new set of postcards will be released. First two pieces from each artist will be released on this first launch date! Postcards feature works of watercolor, photo and drawing.

My set is a mix of drawing and poetry. Postcards on sale for P160 each.



Workshop: Drawing with Charcoal

February 17, Wednesday, 6-9pm.
at Prism Gallery, Island Tower, Salcedo Street, Makati.

Scared of drawing? Feeling uptight or stressed out when you make art? Need a creative way to unwind from the midweek stress? This will be fun and therapeutic drawing session, involving lots of movement and getting your hands dirty with charcoal. No drawing experience necessary! We will explore the technique of gesture drawing. Workshop fee P1800, includes materials and snacks.


playing with words

Workshop: Playing with Words 

February 20, Saturday, 10am-1pm.
at Local Edition Coffee & Tea, Perea Street, Makati

A creative writing workshop on poetry. We’ll play with rhythm and repetition in your writing. Using the pattern of poetic forms like the villanelle and the pantoum as building blocks, we’ll discover new ways to keep writing fun and fresh. No writing experience necessary! Workshop fee: P850 with materials and a free regular drink of your choice at the cafe.



OPENING: My latest art installation!

February 20, Saturday, 4-7:30 pm.

at Local Edition Coffee & Tea, Perea Street, Makati.

I’ll be taking over the walls of Local Edition! Keep your eye out for another mixed media installation and engage with some interactive elements. Opening launch will include acoustic performances by friends.

Installation will begin on February 12 and will be a public work in progress. So feel free to drop by the cafe then. Exhibit will run through April 2016.