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“I want my art to show the world that we are loved;

that though this world is fleeting, doomed to fail on its crowns, there is light that whispers through us.”

-from “a whisper they call inspiration,”

nathania aritao

Welcome to my homepage. Here I share updates on my work, opportunities for collaboration, and periodic reflections on life, social justice initiatives and living simply.

latest project: This Uncommon Ground

I’m documenting and sharing experiences and perspectives from around the world, as we live through this global pandemic. The hope is that in the process, as listeners and participants in the project; we will feel more connected, less alone in our present and personal journeys.

The first season features conversations with 32 people from 24 different countries and 23 nationalities.

Episode 001 launched on 18 May 2020. Find out more here: www.thisuncommonground.com, or listen to the first episode here:

About Me

I’m an artist and entrepreneur from the Philippines and currently living in London. I focus my energy on work that serves the vulnerable. Within the areas of social justice and community transformation, I have over ten years experience working on interventions for children at risk, sustainable livelihood for survivors of sex trafficking, efforts to fight the online sexual exploitation of children, and programs for financial inclusion.

Through my art, I seek to help the world know that we are loved.

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with palms open:

an 8-day devotional, a journey from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday

A Holy Week devotional with four main rhythms for each day leading up to Easter: a Bible reading, a posture of worship, reflection questions and a space for prayer.

With illustrations, poetry and pages for journaling and reflection.

Recent poetry:


you hold this burden,
in the cavity of your chest,
in a tangle of seams,

stalactite cathedral of memory…

nathania aritao: painting portfolio

online gallery – coming soon

nathania aritao